You aren't the only one if you've been debating whether to remove or replace the water tank
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Is It Important To Check My Loft Water Tank


You aren’t the only one if you’ve been debating whether to remove or replace the water tank

You aren’t the only one if you’ve been debating whether to remove or replace the water tank in your loft- many people are making that switch to more modern heating systems. However, some homeowners find it’s a better option to simply upgrade their current water tank.

1st things first…

Why do you have 2 water tanks in your loft?

Most likely, if you’re confused about why your loft has two water tanks, it’s because the home used to have (or still does) a vented central heating system. The larger of the two tanks stores cold water from the main line and is referred as such. This water goes through the boiler and a hot water cylinder before being accessible from taps or for use in the central heating system.The header tank is used to fill the heating system while also providing extra space for the water to expand when heated.

Although a condensate pump is not required for these systems, it may be a good idea to include one. Gravity is the driving force behind vented heating systems, which is why the tank in the home should be as high as possible. It’s typical to use an unvented system to minimize water consumption. Water is fed into the boiler and hot water cylinder at mains pressure, which is typically higher, making it a more modern solution.

How to clean water tank in loft

Homeowners with an old or damaged water tank in the loft might commonly face these issues:

  • There is a water tank in the loft that is dripping.
  • The water tank in the loft needs to be refilled.
  • I can’t stand the noise my water tank is making in my loft!
  • The water level in the loft isn’t rising.


If you’re having problems with your heating, it’s best to call a professional. They’ll be able to assist you in cleaning the water tank and ensuring that the water is safe to use. People frequently need to clean their tanks because blockages have stopped the water from being used on a regular basis. If this is the case or if your tank is too big for your home, problems with bacteria growth might occur. Legionella bacteria can grow in the water if it is kept warm, especially if the weather outside is favorable. Pontiac fever or Legionnaires’ disease may be caused by legionella bacteria that develop in contaminated water. Leaves, dirt, food pollutants, rust, and even tiny animals might causewater tanks to become contaminated every year.

Call Robinson heating And Plumbing if you are having water tank troubles.

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